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What we do at UTS...


UTS is proud to say that since 2001, over 2000 utility employees, nationwide, have completed job-related training developed under UTS leadership and many of our clients incorporate our certifications and courses into their employee training and career planning programs!




In the Classroom  

At UTS, we specialize in training personnel working in the electric power industry. Our Certification and Specialty courses provide a comprehensive training curriculum covering key knowledge and skills our students need to be experts in power system design and/or utility management.

UTS curriculum developers, course writers and instructors have over 100 years of collective experience working for and with utilities, extensive working knowledge of the NESC and RUS specs, as well as experience in utility management and training.

Beyond the Classroom

We believe in support beyond the classroom. UTS post-class support includes access to instructors, UTS staff, as well as consulting and services referrals. 

Other Services  

If you are hosting an E&O conference or meeting and need a speaker, please contact us. UTS staff and contractors are qualified to present on a number of topics and would be happy to come out and talk with your group.  

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